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Hello, my name is Kevin,
I'm a marketing expert and print-/webdesigner from Hannover, Germany.

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What I do

Consulting - SEO/SEM - Webdesign

Printdesign - CRM - UI/UX Design

Why I do it

From the beginning I've been self-motivated, just wanting to create beautiful websites that engage visitors around the world. I think Chopin put it best when he wrote that "Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties", and so it is with design. Simple is almost always the best way to go. Design though means nothing if no ones visiting the playgrounds you're making. Enter SEO and SEM, my realization of audience. From - the ubiquitous - humble beginnings of making websites for friends and family to working with fortune 500 companies I have strived to keep the web a fun and interactive place for all users. My journey has - and will continue to be - an exciting one. I've learned firsthand how expensive quality design and SEO is and so I try to keep a large percentage of my work pro-bono. NGO's shouldn't have to waste precious donations staying relative and competitive in my opinion. Most don't understand how helpful an online presence can be to their enterprise. Whether it's a consultation to learn the possibilities of a full-stack service, or just to say hello . I'm sure I can help.


I've worked with many customers around the globe, from the flower shop down the street to Coca-Cola. Here are a couple of my favorite clients.


If you're interested in working together or just want to say hello feel free to send me a message. I try to check all of the channels listed below regularly but if you really have no time to waste with "URGENT" in the title and I'll respond asap.