Hello, my name is Kevin,
I'm a marketing expert and print-/webdesigner from Hannover, Germany.

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What I do

Consulting - SEO/SEM - Webdesign

Printdesign - CRM - UI/UX Design

Why I do it

Most of what I do today I teached myself just because I wanted to create beautiful websites that engage visitors around the world. I believe in minimalism when it comes to design, simple is almost always the best way to go. After I created my first websites from scratch I had to learn that good responsible webdesign isn't all, you need to get some visitors there somehow. That's basically how I got into SEO and later SEM. After I did some websites for friends and family I was asked by some local businesses if I could build them an awesome new website too - of course! Skip a few years forward and I'm working for all kind of businesses around the world, starting with local cafes who only need a simple one-page site and maybe some graphics for use in print, up to international companies like Spotify, the leading music streaming service or Nike and Coca Cola - I'm sure I don't need to explain what they do. But it isn't always about the money and that's why a lot of my work is pro bono. Good high quality webdesign and SEO is expensive because it involves a lot of work, but NGO's who only get money from donations should't need to waste their money only to stay competitive, for more information about this. A lot of businesses don't really get the possibilities the internet is offering them as a marketing instrument, I'm here to help, no matter if they only need a consultation or if they want me to do the work itself. Just , I'm sure I can help you!


I worked with many different customers from around the globe, from small local flower shops to big international companies but to give you a short impression, here are a few handpicked from the bigger ones.


If you're interested in working with me or just want to say Hello you can always contact me through one of the channels below or just . I'll try to answer your request as soon as possible but if you really have no time to waste put "Urgent" in the subject of your email.