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I'm a Visual Designer located in Hannover, Germany who's focused on crafting stunning websites that engage visitors from all over the world. My journey as a designer and developer started early on when dial-up sounds were still a thing. Over the years I've come to design not only for Fortune 500 companies but also for the little flower shop down the road. I maintain some basic principles when it comes to the web. First of all, it should be freely and easily accessible for everyone, including people with impairments. I don't like bullshit and strive to keep my code not only clean and valid but also as small as possible. The page you’re currently viewing is only 5.6KB for instance. You could load this page 182 times and it still wouldn't be a whole MB. Nobody likes visiting a website on mobile that's eating their data volume away. No bloat, no unnecessary frameworks, and most importantly no tracking. I care about privacy that's why there are no third-party scripts or other resources anywhere on this domain and I don't even write server logs.

Together with other likeminded people I founded the local nonprofit organization CleanUp Hannover in 2023. CleanUp Hannover is organizing monthly cleanup events in Hannover and educating the public on trash and littering.

I previously used this website as a tool to promote my services, but after deleting myself from nearly every social network I want to use this website as a space to publish media I created instead. On /txt you can find everything text related: from one-line shower-thoughts to the spare 5k word essay on some obscure topic I gained interest in. Head over to /img if you'd like to view some of the photos I took. If you're looking to work with me and need a portfolio just contact me.

You can always contact me by writing me an email whether it's to discuss working together or just to say hello! If you'd like to encrypt your communication with me, use my public key or contact me via Threema. My Threema ID is EHUCNV6C, click here to show the QR code which you can scan with your Threema App.