Wunderlauch (Allium paradoxum)

Wunderbar schmackhaft, vielfältig anwendbar, umsonst selbst erntbar mitten in unserer Stadt und mit der Ernte unterstützt du sogar den Erhalt der heimischen Artenvielfalt!

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 23. März 2021 » 5min - 1.091 words

Ich spreche hier natürlich vom allseits beliebten Wunderlauch (Allium paradoxum), einem Gewächs aus der Allium Familie welches stark verwandt und in der Anwendung identisch mit Bärlauch ist. Im März geht es meist los, dann wenn die Baumkronen alle kahl sind und der Waldboden noch Licht bekommt startet der Wunderlauch und bedeckt Waldböden mit einem grünen Polster aus knoblauchähnlich riechenden Blattwerk. Ursprünglich stammt der wundersam aussehende Lauch wohl aus dem Kaukasus, Bergen in Zentralasien und nördlichen Iran und wurde gerne in botanischen Gärten in Europa ausgestellt. Aus einem dieser botanischen Gärten, so munkelt man, floh der Lauch besonders erfolgreich. Schon 1884 wurde von größeren Beständen auf der Pfaueninsel an der Havel in Berlin berichtet. Dies verschaffte ihm wohl auch seinen Zweitnamen "Berliner Lauch". Wohlschmeckend mag er sein der Lauch aber gerne gesehen ist er deshalb noch lange nicht. Bei uns zählt er aufgrund seiner rasanten Ausbreitung als invasive Art. Finden kann man ihn nicht nur bei uns in Hannover sondern in fast allen deutschen Städten unter anderem neben Berlin und Hannover auch in Hamburg, Kiel, Schwerin, Köln, Aachen, Frankfurt am Main, Nürnberg oder München. In den Nachbarländern kann man Wunderlauch in Kopenhagen ebenso begegnen wie in Südschweden, in den Niederlanden und in weiten Teilen Großbritanniens, in Prag, Wien und Zürich.

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Ginger Harvest February 2021 (indoors)

A non comprehensive writeup of my experience growing Ginger indoors (in Winter)

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Sun, February 21th 2021 » 4min - 846 words

I like to cook a lot of Asian inspired dishes and thus have quite a high demand for ginger throughout the year. In 2020 I decided to grow my own ginger for the first time, mainly to avoid buying ginger from supermarkets. Supermarket ginger comes mostly from China and with the still ongoing genocide against the Uyghur minority by the Chinese government I cant with good consciousness keep buying products from China personally. I don't want to have any part in the genocide and am honestly ashamed at the lack of action by my government. I'm German, I would have thought we learned a thing or two from our past. Anyway, this article is not about politics but ginger so back to the topic at hand.

The only problem with growing ginger at home; I do not have a garden but only a small rented apartment in the heart of a larger German city. Gotta make due with what you got so I bought a terracotta bowl that’s far wider than it is deep. As a potting mix I used my own, made from 45% peat, 40% vermiculite, 15% fine sand and some dolomite lime and gypsum. It’s just what I had at hand and minus the addition of sand it’s what I use for most of all my plants. I added the sand to improve drainage as to my understanding ginger likes to be watered more frequently but doesn’t enjoy sitting in water. This media is very fluffy and thus ideal for the ever expanding rhizomes of ginger.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 & Privacy

A review of Xiaomi's Mi Smart Band 4 fitness tracker with special focus on Privacy implications

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Thu, September 26th 2019 » 13min - 2.652 words

I'm a Data Hoarder so it comes naturally that I also like to collect my Health data, most importantly my sleep data and heart rate history. I've been tracking both for years using various Apps where for heart rate measuring you have to place your finger on your iPhones camera and flash to get a reading. For sleep tracking I've been using Sleep Cycle where you either place your iPhone on your mattress or grant microphone access and place it on your nightstand to measure how you sleep. As an iPhone user I've long wanted the Apple Watch for those and other tasks but I just can't justify spending that much for what essentially is just a fitness tracker to me. I never bothered looking up all those fitness trackers that have gained popularity in recent years. I was aware of things like Fitbit of course but never gave it a closer look. That was until a friend told me about Xiaomi's Mi Smart Band 4 that was just released. I found an offer for roughly 26€ (~US$29) including shipping and went for it. After waiting for it to make it's way to me from China for two and a half weeks it finally arrived and I had some time to give it a test.

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Added support for RSS 2.0!

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Mon, September 16th 2019 » 1min - 281 words

You can now easily subscribe to updates to this blog via RSS. There are many things on my to-do list for this website but today I finally got to creating a RSS 2.0 feed so that interested readers can subscribe to updates with their favorite feed reader. It's in the top right corner in case you have not spotted it yet. I spent some time freshing up on the state of RSS feeds, it's been a while since I last maintained one myself, and I hope everything works like it should..

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I fucked up..

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Wed, March 6th 2019 » 8min - 1.922 words

How I lost my domain and everything that goes with it like my mail server etc.. Yesterday was a perfectly normal day. I had a coffee in my hand and had just finished eating a bite. I was playing around with some part of my newly designed website when suddenly I received a notification from my uptime service telling me that my website was down. I switched from Sublime Text 3 over to my browser and hit refresh and they weren't lying, it really was down..

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Website Redesign 2019

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Tue, February 19th 2019 » 8min - 1.922 words

I'm lazy when it comes to my own website. I rarely change design or function of something that works and we all know never to touch a system that's doing it's job. But I long felt like my website needed a redesign. After some server migration I didn't migrate my complete website and linked my domain to a construction notice for some months. Read the first sentence again if you want to know the reason behind that. But I finally found some motivation to..

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