I fucked up..

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Wed, March 6th 2019 » 8min - 1.922 words

How I lost my domain and everything that goes with it like my mail server etc.. Yesterday was a perfectly normal day. I had a coffee in my hand and had just finished eating a bite. I was playing around with some part of my newly designed website when suddenly I received a notification from my uptime service telling me that my website was down. I switched from Sublime Text 3 over to my browser and hit refresh and they weren't lying, it really was down..

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Website Redesign 2019

Written by: Kevin Grahl | Published: Tue, February 19th 2019 » 8min - 1.922 words

I'm lazy when it comes to my own website. I rarely change design or function of something that works and we all know never to touch a system that's doing it's job. But I long felt like my website needed a redesign. After some server migration I didn't migrate my complete website and linked my domain to a construction notice for some months. Read the first sentence again if you want to know the reason behind that. But I finally found some motivation to..

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Nothing more to show..

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